Part #1…”Bein’ Prepared”…”What are you doin’ with a Flash Light”…

Part #1: “Bein’ Prepared” : “What are you doin’ with a Flash Light”
“Bein’ Prepared is somethin’ that was always taught to & instilled in me from my Mother”.
I learned in Athletics it’s practice, practice, practice! If it’s the Scouts you learn survival skills and you prepare, prepare, prepare! If it’s the Military it’s trainin’, trainin’, trainin’ (if you want to live). If it’s Education it’s study, study, study! OK, so I missed that one Real Bad!!!. But as one of my Ole Friends (the Lawyer) said recently on a trip “the only reason we bring him with us is because he’s always prepared”.
Let me give you just a few examples of this, in a series…

(Taken from a previous/resent Blog)

{{{{{ BAM ! }}}}}..Lightenin’ Flashed, Thunder broke the silence, Hail beatin’ down on the deck outside, then in the distance {{{{{ POW ! }}}}}..a transformer blew, OUR transformer. I heard all of the electronics in the house kickin’ off, as all of the Chirppin’ told the tale as each failed due to lack of power. My phone lit up, as the charger kicked off. I laid there for a few minutes listenin’ to the storm as it moved through. Then, I heard some russlin’ around down stairs, I was sleepin’ up in the Loft, so I grabbed my flash light & thought I’d check out the russlin’ noise & make a potty run. In the darkness I hear “Hey, barked the Lumber Broker, who’s got that flash light up there”, I replied it’s me & I’m comin’ down. “What are you doin’ with a Flash Light” the Lumber Broker demanded to know. “Cause the damn lights are out! & I always carry a flash light with me when I travel”!, I retorted, from 1/2 way down the the stairs…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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