Part #2…”we enjoyed our Fishin’ Trip!”…

Personal Card 11-30-2012Part #2:…”we enjoyed our Fishin’ Trip!”…continued…
The Owner & his Bride were cookin’ up breakfast as we got down to The Kitchen. We ate, most folks paired up with their Guides, my partner, the Lawyer, & I would meet ours at the Boat Ramp. We all headed out for the lake. Yes, it was Cold, Windy, & Mistin’ Rain most of the day! The rain moved out & the sun came out, the wind picked up but it never really warmed up. Later in the mornin’ we ran into our buddies & their Guide. There in the front of the boat our buddies were in, was the Ole “I don’t need that long underwear” wearin’ a spare coat their Guide just happened to have in his boat. He was all huddled up & {{{{{ SHIVERIN’ }}}}} his ass off! The rest of us all had a good laugh @ his expense.

We went on our ways & fished hard. In our boat we landed 8 fish, only one (1) legal size so the others went back. Our buddies didn’t fare much better. They kept three (3) legal fish. The day ended as we all got back to the Launch, got the boats on the trailers & headed for The Kitchen. After we got back I left the group & headed into town for some restockin’ of Adult Beverages & headed back. Again turned on “Girl Scout Rd (& still didn’t see any)”. We all discussed our days on the water, consumed more Adult Beverages, & the Owner & his Bride were workin’ to get supper ready. This night it was Grilled Steak again, Steamed King Crab Legs, & Grilled Quail along with several sides to enjoy as well as a homemade desert again. Wonderfully delicious doesn’t do it justice. The evenin’ temperature was droppin’, rain moved in & out as fronts came thru. Saturdays forecast wasn’t lookin’ promisin’. Adult Beverages continued to flow as The SEC! SEC! SEC! Basketball Tourney was on the TV & as the temps dropped the Adult Beverages continued to flow. As the night closed we, again, headed to our cabin, more Adult Beverages & SEC! SEC! SEC! Basketball. I set up the ” Ole Joe Pot” for in the mornin’ & crashed!

The mornin’ came, as did the rain. It was 42 Degrees at 6:00 am. That was the HIGH for the day! We all dressed WARMLY & headed down to The Kitchen for breakfast, Steak & Eggs & Homemade Biscuits. The decision was made to wait to see if the weather turned favorable. IT DIDN’T!!!. Adult Beverages began to flow among the payin’ customers. Lunch time came, the weather was worse, the temp was now 33 degrees & the wind was howlin’. Fishin’ was called off for the day. We headed out for lunch, to a Meat & Three (3). After lunch some headed for naps. Others of us decided to sit around the heater & consume more Adult Beverages. It was a Long Cold & Wet day. Supper time rolled around, the Owner & his Bride made Quail Dumplins’ with the left over Quail from the night before, with the plucked meat off of the bones. If y’all ain’t never had it, well, let me just say you’ve missed some good eatin’! Oh and yes, Homemade desert followed! As it was still cold & windy we all departed for our cabin. More Adult Beverages & SEC! SEC! SEC! Basketball on the TV. Between beverages I got my bag packed up. Except for my flash light & what I was wearin’ on the drive home in the mornin’. For me, lights out came early as the others were still watchin’ SEC! SEC! SEC! Basketball & consumin’Adult Beverages!

As we rose in the mornin’ we found out that our fourth (4th) member left out, headin’ home, after midnight for Memhpis, TN. His wife called him & let him know it was Snowin’ there @ Home, just 85 miles north. He left & just left us a note. After sun up he took some pictures of his back yard, where they had 1 1/2 inches of SNOW! So we, the remainin’ three (3) rose, got dressed, loaded up & headed East, “Homeward Bound”.

On our return trip, again, between the three (3) of us, there WERE some stories told! Oh & just so none of you get your feelins’ hurt, thinkin’ you were forgotten, yes YOU were talked about. The stories about most of you that know & have know us three (3) over the years & growin’ up, were either made up, true, or just stretched to fit the time on the road. Either way, we enjoyed our Fishin’ Trip!…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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