Part #1…”we enjoyed our Fishin’ Trip!”…

Just Chillin'Part 1:
Recently I went on a “Fishin’ Trip” with two (2) Ole Friends, no OLD FRIENDS (a Lawyer & a Lumber Broker)! Anyway, we went to Granada, MS. to Granada Lake. “The Crappie Fishin’ Capital” as it’s called there locally. The drive over was a casual 250 (+/-) miles. We stopped & enjoyed a nice lunch in “T-Town” along the way.

Between the three (3) of us there WERE some stories told. Many about our professional careers & yes, many about our youth. Yes, we go back THAT far. As we arrived in Granada, MS we stopped at a Liquor Store for needed supplies, then on to a Sportin’ Goods Store where we bought our Fishin’ Licenses and paid our fees for the comin’ days.  It belonged to the same man who owned the lodge where we were goin’ to be stayin’ and who was supplyin’ our Local Guides.  His (attractive) daughter was operatin’ it.  We chimed in on some conversations among some of locals there. I think they enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them. They were a friendly group.

We headed on out to the Lodge we were stayin’ at. Just a short drive to “Girl Scout Rd (didn’t see any though)” & arrived at our Cabin & unloaded. We were early so we felt a good relaxin’ adult beverage was what we needed, so we indulged in a couple before headin’ down to meet our fourth (4th) in our party who came in from Memphis, TN, the Owner, the Guides & to have more adult beverages as the Owner & his Bride prepared a wonderful supper for us, about 10 folks in all, all cooked on an open grill. Folks, I have never seen an “Out Door Kitchen” to compare to what Jason has there, I was impressed!. He cooked up Grilled Chicken & Steaks, with various homemade sides & his Bride fixed a homemade dessert. GREAT FOOD! The evenin’ passed quickly. We decided to crash as there was an early rise in our near future, along with a few more adult beverages before we crashed for the night.

{{{{{ BAM ! }}}}}..Lightenin’ Flashed, Thunder broke the silence, Hail beatin’ down on the deck outside, then in the distance {{{{{ POW ! }}}}}..a transformer blew, OUR transformer. I heard all of the electronics in the house kickin’ off, as all of the Chirppin’ told the tale as each failed due to lack of power. My phone lit up, as the charger kicked off. I laid there for a few minutes listenin’ to the storm as it moved through. Then, I heard some russlin’ around down stairs, I was sleepin’ up in the Loft, so I grabbed my flash light & thought I’d check out the russlin’ noise & make a potty run. In the darkness I hear “Hey, barked the Lumber Broker, who’s got that flash light up there”, I replied it’s me & I’m comin’ down. “What are you doin’ with a Flash Light” the Lumber Broker demanded to know. “Cause the damn lights are out! & I always carry a flash light with me when I travel”!, I retorted, from 1/2 way down the the stairs.

“Come here”, he said, “I can’t find my lighter”! I asked “where did you last have it”? Hell, he didn’t know. “Well where are my pants”? he asked. “HELL!  I don’t know, I didn’t undress ya”! After several minutes we finally found the lighter. But not his pants! He headed out in the cold light rain, on the porch, for a smoke, I headed to the Potty to relieve myself & then back to bed. We rose, again, at 5:00 am, the power was back on. Someone turned on the “Ole Joe Pot”. As we all got dressed in Cold Weather & Rain Gear for the comin’ day. We all made trips to the “Ole Joe Pot” as we passed by it until it was emptied. One in the crowd, the Lumber Broker, thought HE didn’t need the Extra Layer of Long Underwear, he was already gettin’ HOT!  So, he stripped it off. He would regret that decision later in the mornin’… be continued.


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