…”The Ole Potty Dance”…


With today being “National Potty Dance Day” it takes me back to my childhood days. My memory takes me back to the homes I lived in only havin’ ONE (1) bathroom in them. And there always seemed to be a WAITIN’ LINE to get in there. Many times when you did get in there you didn’t always have it to yourself! Those ole bathrooms were small, no divider walls or curtains to offer privacy to, you, the User! If there were an ADULT in there, well, they ALWAYS got complete privacy! Durin’ my earliest years I can remember, in my Grandparents house, there was always a WAITIN’ LINE to get into the (only) bathroom there. “The Man of the House” always has First (1st) Rights & they always seemed to have the News Paper with’em!!! Butt, @ my Grandparents house, there was the “Ole Ceramic Pot/Slop Jar/Bedside Pot/Honey Pot”, what ever you called it, available. And as a child it always seemed to fit us Children BETTER than it did the Adults, it just goes to show “Size Does Matter”! Butt relief (pun intended) wasn’t too far away. Later in life my (Widowed) Mother remarried & we moved from there. Again we only had a “One Holer” IN our, rental, home. Butt we did have a patch of woods just a few steps out the back door. I learned @ an early age to always keep a, clean, tissue in my pocket or know the leafs that were around me!I made that trip many a time! If you were afraid of the dark, well you just might have a MESS to deal with at times. We moved a few years later, just a few blocks away, & again only a “One Holer”. My (Step) Dad didn’t like us keepin’ an “Ole Honey Pot” around, cause “We had Pot to Piss IN”! Butt we did have an ole detached garage out back, & there was a worn down path out to it. We always kept the grass & weeds cut out there of course! My children don’t realize just how lucky they are. Their homes have ALWAYS had @ least two (2) or more Potties in’em. So traffic issues really haven’t been a problem for them. Yep, “The Ole Potty Dance” brings back memories…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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