…”Maybe some of you heard this”…

Tonight my Bride & Daughter both turned in just a little after 10:00 p.m. I told my Bride “I’ll be along after the News”. Well, after the News I found myself surfin’ the channels. I came across an Info-commercial for a 9 CD Package, “Faith, Hope & Country” by Time Life. It came on at 10:30 p.m., & as always they’re in a loop. These songs were just tearin’ at me! “The Faith & Hope” songs were mostly Old Gospel songs. Sang the way they were when I was a child, on Sunday Mornin’ TV, & in Church. Choirs used to just rattle the rafters with’em, & the Congregation singin’ along, all in harmony. I can actually hear my Mothers voice, in my head. I thought she had a beautiful voice. Now days they sing some of’em, but they have been rearranged, & the Hymnals are rewritten. Many of the Old Songs have even been deleted from’em. Songs have been speed up &/or slowed down. Too many have been made so “Gender Neutral” to please all of the PC folks, & OTHER groups, as not to offend’em. And in doin’ so have lost a lot in the meanin’, translation & delivery. I’m sittin’ here just captured by’em. I’m actually sittin’ here just “Cryin’ like a Baby”. I’m talkin’ bout my shirt sleeves are WET from wippin’ my eyes & face! “The Country” songs were all of the Old Patriotic songs, (God, Country, & Flag) we learned as children in both Church & in School in Music Class. I’m tellin’ya “I was HOOKED”! NO I’m not buyin’ anything, but they had me! The list of recordin’ artist is unreal. It’s now a few minutes before Midnight & it is wrappin’ up. My eyes are swollen & stingin’ from my own salty tears & I need to crash. Maybe some of you heard this, or will get to at a later date. I highly recommend it. Goodnight all…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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