…”MY Personal Boycott”…

20160422_105144-1_resizedI must admit, “I am proud of myself”. I survived the 2016 NFL Football Season without watchin’ a SINGLE NFL GAME!!! I made the decision to Boycott The NFL. Let me just say, “I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force, June 1971 thru June 1975. I am proud of  MY service, to MY Country & MY Flag, as I am of all of those who served, in ALL The Branches of the US Military, before & after me”. I am also an avid Football Fan, “SEC, SEC, SEC”, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! I also, used to, enjoy kickin’ back on Sunday afternoons, Monday nights, & the occasional Thursday nights to enjoyin’ watchin’ The Pros get it on. That is, until this past season. After the stunt pulled by that over paid Coward on the SF49’ers durin’ the National Anthem I was furious. I wasn’t watchin’ that game but when I saw it being reported on the NEWS I got Pissed Off !!! Then, to make things even worse, neither the Team Owner/Owners nor that sorry ass excuse for a Commissioner of The NFL, Roger Goodel, took any action to put a STOP to it. They are all Professionals! They should ACT like it. That overpaid Coward began to have followers. I didn’t watch a single game, Regular Season, Divisional or League Play Offs, nor Super Bowl LI. I know I’m only ONE in a sea of millions, but I followed MY Personal Boycott through. And as of this writin’ I think I will do the same thing next season, 2017. Ok, I done with my Rant now…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 


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