…”headed to our respective houses”…

Sittin’ around this afternoon got to be rather borin’ . It got so quiet about 3:15 p.m. I could hear a faint rattlin’ sound comin’ from the basement. So I told my Bride I was goin’ to walk down to the water for a while. Any of you that know me know a walk down to the water means I don’t go empty handed.

Well as I got to the bottom of the steps & entered “The Cave” the Rattlin’ got louder. So I stepped into the basement garage & picked up my rod with Ole Chrome & Blue danglin’ from it off of the boat, a pair of needle nose pliers,  & a hand rag & week all took a walk down to the pier. The Shad are startin’ to load up in the slough. Third cast & a Hook-up. Spoke to my neighbor who was sittin’ on his porch & he was headin’ to his pier. We were just jaw jackin’ as we were castin’.

After about an hour my neighbor had 1 & lost 1 @ his pier & I had 4 & had missed 2,  all Small Spots.. Now, none of these were goin’ to win any tournaments, but they filled our afternoon needs just fine. All of them were released to fight another day. Then we both turned, bid a good evenin’ to the other, & headed to our respective houses. It was a nice way to wind a day down…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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