…”get your Shot Guns, plenty of Shells”…


Deer season is now over. Many of you, Hunters, like me, didn’t even participate this year. Then there are those of you who took several good lookin’ Bucks with nice Racks & a few nice Doe! Then there are some of you, I know, almost melted down their gun barrels. Shootin’ at anything that moved. Many of you went many times & never saw anything big enough to kill. Yeah, I too have been there.

Well for those of you who are AVID HUNTERS “Rabbit Season” is still in & in most of Alabama runs thru March 5, 2017.There’s a New Species of Rabbit that has been discovered & added to the current listings of rabbit species. It has been determined to be a Cross Breed. The trouble is, they, The Dept of Wildlife, has not yet determined it’s true origin. But they are workin’ hard to discover its origin. Therefore  there is NO limit on’em. They’re most often found in Low Lying Areas & only come out about an hour before sundown. They run hard all night & bed down about an hour after sunup (See the picture attached)… .

Some of you may have seen’em & didn’t even know what you were lookin’ at. So, get your Shot Guns, plenty of Shells, a license, oh & permission to hunt the woods & fields where you thing you most likely can find’em. Good Huntin’ to y’all! Oh & let me know what they taste like once you’ve eaten a few…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

Introducin’ “The PUBIC HARE”…the-pubic-hare


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