…”It just does these Ole Hearts good”…

I had lunch with Five (5) Ole Friends today. Our lives intertwine in so many ways. We are all in our Sixties (60’s). Our careers have taken many different directions, yet we all seem to be drawn right back together. It’s great….

Our days go back to times & places such as Cascade Plunge, Wahouma Ball Park, Barrett Elementary School, Curry Elementary School, Woodlawn High School, Banks High School, {{{{ Thrill Hill }}}}, Kelly’s Hamburgers (both Wahouma & Eastwood Mall locations), Military days, & many many more. We reminisced the days & times from our past.

Many of YOU, that will read this, were talked about today, I promise! Gender was not protected! We were even rememberin’ (talkin’ about) many of those who are no longer with us as well, but all in good taste. After all, they were friends of ours as well. Yep, we told Fairy Lies about’em all. There were Fractured Lies/Stories told, & even many more Fairy Lies told on those of us there by others of us that were there & then many more told about YOU. Yeah, YOU know who YOU are, and had you been there YOU could have told your side of the stories!

It’s funny how these scheduled one (1) hour luncheons turn into a two (2) hour laugh fest. Of the Six (6) there today five (5) of us are retired and the other One (1) guy wasn’t in a rush. These type of get togethers do us all good. To look around the group & to see the smiles on  the faces & the gleam in their eyes tells the story. It just does these Ole Hearts good. Until next time…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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