…”Super Bowl Sunday”…

Just Chillin'Today I’m really sufferin’ from a self imposed deli-ma! This entire Football Season I have had “My own Personal Boycott” goin’ on with The NFL. Today is “Super Bowl Sunday”! I am torn by wantin’ to watch the game later today or to see my Boycott thru. I have nothin’ against the New England Patriots but I am very hopeful the “Hot Lanta”/Atlanta Falcons will win today. It has been a Long Road for them thru the years. They have come close a time or two. But Today – they are in “The Super Bowl”! “Rise Up”!

After the Very First Incident, by a SF 49’ers Player, of the “Taking of a Knee in his personal protest, durin’ playin’ of the National Anthem”, an overpaid player, who has been spoiled all his life (by parents & the educational system), & who believes he is more than he really is. He thinks of himself as a Man, a Hero, an Example to be followed! {{{ No }}} !!! MEN (& Women) have fought, been injured, too many have died, & lead by Example thru the centuries to give that/those FOOLS the right to Think & Act like they are something more than they really are, Over Paid Spoiled Athletes. With that said, “I” decided that The NFL, & it’s Gutless/Spineless Commissioner, Mr. Roger Goodel, would not receive my personal attention, nor support, until HE took control over His League/Players & put a stop to that kind of activity & DISRESPECT. Well, HE has been the Coward I thought he was. He has chosen to give them a platform where they can Disrespect our Military members, from across the generations. I will say that I have heard a couple/few of the “NFL Team Owners” have made it clear that Their Players would be disciplined, either fined heavily or terminated, if they continued that type of activity. To those Gentlemen & Ladies this Veteran says “Thank You”!

As the time draws near, I have decided to follow my gut feelin’s & to see My Personal Boycott thru. I have decided not to allow you, The NFL, Mr Goodel, his players, & sorry (ass) excuse for Half Time Entertainment to enter my house (electronically). I have Control over “The Remote Control”! You have Control over “Nothin’ ” it appears. In closin’ again I say “Rise Up”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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