…”our 42nd Weddin’ Anniversary!”…

I don’t really know if I slept-in this mornin’ or didn’t sleep sound enough last night. Either way I got up @ 6:45 a.m..

I first  went to check on my Bride. As I entered the bedroom, I slept on the sofa, she had one eye cracked open lookin’ at me thru the thin slit there. I asked how she was feelin? I got a couple of grunts & a moan like someone usually communicates that isn’t quite up to normal feels. Yep she was feelin’ like someone with “The FLU” usually does. She said she’d like some coffee so I headed to get a Pot-O-Joe goin’ for us both. She got up & got her mornin’ Meds down, scuffed into the livin’ room, settled in on the love seat and covered up. I got her Mug-O-Joe fixed & delivered it with a smile. Then circled back & served myself up a Mug. As the mornin’ progressed she got a little better. I called my Dr & get him to call me in a prescription for some “Tamiflu,as an additional precautionary measure, I got a Flu Shot back in the Fall, & went to get it.

Later this after noon I harken back to my childhood days, yeah we all liked to play Dr! Since my Bride was restin’ & watchin’ TV I got her Allergy Shot drawn up and headed her way. “Ok, right side up” I said. What, what”?, she asked. “I got your shot ready”, I said. But somehow it wasn’t really what we all thought of when we were young, playin’ Dr. We got thru the shot, checked her Temp, Orally, and it was down to a good level. She was a good Patient. I then got us both some Hot Soup ready & we enjoyed a nice little supper of slurpin’ soup together. How Romantic!

Now we’re both kicked back & relaxin’ in the livin’ room. I hope we both sleep better tonight, her especially. Tomorrow is our 42nd Weddin’ Anniversary! What a way to spend it…”Hold’em Hook” …..BG>


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