…”my Bride is in bed for the night”…

Mornin' Mug & Pot-O JoeYesterday My Bride/Gigi & I brought home the Grands, x3, to spend the weekend with us. We took the girls to their Gymnastics class, then headed toward The Big Pell, stoppin’ off @ The DQ for somethin’ to eat.

Early this mornin’ Gigi wasn’t feelin’ top notch so she stayed in bed as I got up at 6:00 am. The grands one by one started risin’, wanderin’ in the Livin’ Room, crawlin’ up in my lap, & then askin’ for a bowl of cereal. Papa took care of their requests, one by one, as I sipped my Mugs-O-Joe. Later in the mornin’ Gigi trudged in to join the rest of us tryin’ to look excited, for the Grands, but it just wasn’t there.

The mornin’ drug on, as did Gigi, with Childrens shows on the TV, the Pot-O-Joe was emptied, Gigi doin her best to hang in there with us. Well, lunchtime came about as Madagascar #3 was endin’. I took the Grands to Chick-fil-a. We enjoyed our time together, Gigi got some needed time alone, as she slid down that “Don’t Feel Good Hill” she was on.

A little while after we returned from lunch Nap Time rolled around for the youngest, he wasn’t happy about it either. But down he went. The girls entertained themselves wonderfully as Gigi continued to slide. Nap Time was over as the youngest rose. The decision was made to take the Grands home. We didn’t feel they needed to be around as Gigi’s condition continued to slip, so I loaded’em up & headed to The Ham with’em.

The two girls were asleep less than two miles down the road. My grandson & I talked & sang songs, as I drove, all the way to their house. I love that kind of time with’em.While I was gone Gigi hit the bottom of the “Don’t Feel Good Hill”. It is now, 7:45 p.m. & my Bride is in bed for the night. I hope she rests well tonight…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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