…”Um-m-m-m Thick Sliced!”…

Just Chillin'This mornin’ my Bride & I headed out to the bank & then on to the Grocery Store, Publix is our choice locally. As we headed toward to the entrance we made sure we had the “Needed List” of items. We got us a Basket & slowly strolled though the front of the store, past the Bakery & the Deli Departments. We got what we needed from the Produce Department & we headed for Aisle #2, & Game On!!!

All my life the Grocery store has been a Play Ground. “Slow down, did you put that in there, that’s not On Sale, NO, stop actin’ like that – somebody’s  gonna think somethin’s wrong with you”! You’da thought she was talkin’ to one of Our Children. Nope! She was talkin’ to ME, & we weren’t even to the end of Aisle #2 yet.

Well, we finally made it to the far side of the store. I think my Bride had the jitters by now. Then, as we always do, we circled back thru the Meat Department for some Lunch Meats & on to the Ice Cream section. Well, needless to say, these two departments just really get me excited. “Quit it, stop that, people are lookin’ (as she ignores me & walks away). We were finally done, well shoppin’ anyway. Now on to CHECK OUT!

As we approached the Check Out area a nice young lady directed us to a line that was ready for another customer. I stepped to the lead & pulled our basket in & commenced to unload it, out of no where “be careful with that”. I got it emptied out & slid on toward the end of the counter. The young lady was gettin’ us checked out, & there was another very nice young lady gettin’ our things bagged & loaded in the basket to take to the car. Well WE really hit it off! As we got to talkin’ it came out this gal likes Vienna Sausage, Potted Meat, Deviled Ham, & Loney Meat, yes Zieglers! She said that’s all, they, her family, would buy growin’ up. My kinda gal! Durin’ or conversation as to how we both liked certain items my Bride was standin’ there, just in a tizzy, as to how anyone could like such items. We were laughin & talkin’ about how we both grew up eatin’ so many of the same things. We finished up checkin’ out & headed to the car, still talkin & laughin’ all the way. Talkin’ about we, both of us as children, how our Moms would buy our Loney Meat in Loaf/Roll Form & slice our own. Um-m-m-m Thick Sliced! It was really a joy runnin’ in to someone, much younger than me, that I seemed to have so much in common with. My Bride & I laughed about it, as we recapped our trip, all the way home. Yep, a fun mornin’ for me!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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