…”but most importantly BE PREPARED!!!”…

20160702_142010_resizedLast night our Weather Radio was goin’ off like a Radio Stations “Request Line” would durin’ a Saturday night “Special Request” call in line would in the late 60’s.

We/I watched the News & Weather last night until Midnight & then decided to crash, got my Bride up off of the sofa & headed to bed. Yes, there was bad Weather comin, I knew it, but knew the Weather Radio would wake us in the event of Sever Weather & when it was CLOSE. {{{{{ Go off it did }}}}}!!! I rousted My Bride up from the bed, about 1:00 a.m. & we headed down into The Cave. We were tuned into, on the TV, our favorite station, watchin’ the Storm Line movin’ across the TV/Landscape & headin’ our way!!! We were READY! I know by hearin’ the reports this mornin’ that it came thru. But when they gave the “All Clear”, for our area, some time after 2:30 a.m. this mornin’ I went out on our Patio to sort of “survey the damage”. There was no damage to be seen. All of the “Dusk To Dawn Lights” were on around the Slough. Heck, our Driveway was barely even WET! We know it was close, but for some reason it didn’t touch us here at The Gray House.

My heart goes out to all of those families I have been hearin’ about, this mornin’, in Mississippi & Georgia that have lost Love-one’s, & of course those injured as well. God Bless you all. Many suffered property damage & property loss as well. Those can be repaired & or replaced in time though. As we have heard this mornin’ there is the possibility of MORE bad weather head this way today. It’s just not expected to be as sever, mostly wind, rain & the possibility of Hail. Keep your ears tuned to your local Weather Casters & an eye on the sky from time to time, but most importantly BE PREPARED!!!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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