…”there ain’t enough words”…

New Boat 004 - CopyThe BJCC (Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center) once again is loaded up with ((((( COLD BEER ))))), Fiberglass, Aluminum, Steel, Rubber, Electronics, Fishing Equipment, Outboard & Inboard Engines. Yep, it’s the Birmingham 2017 Boat Show. Today was our annual Saturday get together to check out all the New offerin’s for this year.

Every year there’s a group of us that gets together to attend The Boat Show. Each year the group changes some, dependin’ on our schedules, but every year we try to make it. No, none of us were plannin’ on buyin’ anything, this year, but it’s aways fun to sip a few {{{{{ COLD BEERS }}}}}, wander around amonkst the crowds, lookin’ at the Boats, talkin’ to some of the Vendors, but most importantly “The Lustin’ & Lyin’ with Ole Friends”!

My Bride & I met up with three (3) other couples, today, that we have known for many many years. My Bride has met’em thru the years since we got back from the Military in 1975. As for me, I have known all the guys since Elementary & High School years. We’re all “Ole Runnin’ Buddies”. Today the couples consisted of a Banker & his Retired School Teacher Bride, a Retired Rail Road Dispatcher & his RN Bride, & a Power Company Retiree & his Retired Postal Worker Bride.

After the Boat Show we all met up with another couple, an Ex-Marine & his Retired Social Security Worker Bride, to have a friendly casual Dinner over & few more {{{{{ COLD BEERS ! }}}}}. Folks, there ain’t enough words to describe what enjoyin’ time with Ole Friends does for the Soul. If  YOU don’t do it, well, YOU SHOULD! To borrow a phrase from a local company, in it’s commercials, “Ain’t Nothin’ Like’em No Where”! Yep, next year we’ll do it again, the group may change some, but we’ll all plan on doin’ it again…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>   


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