…”see what a Businessman can do”…

Finally it’s here! The Day many of us have prayed for, for a long time.”Make America Great Again” officially begins TODAY! In less than 4 hours from NOW! There has been a message sent to Washington DC. The People are tired of The Political Games that are played that only affect The Peoples lives & NOT The Politicians. They all live by a different set of Rules & Standards.

Of the Two (2) Major Political Parties, in the beginnin’, there were Twenty Three (23) Challengers that up & “Threw Their Hat In The Ring” for the Office of The President Of The United States Of America! Six (6) DemocRATS/Democrats (I prefer the former) came forward, although everyone knew there was only One (1), Hillary Rodham Clinton, was Hand Picked from the beginnin’, the others were just all “Nuts in the Mix”. The Republicans had Seventeen (17) to challenge in the beginnin’. There were Twenty Two (22) Career Politicians & only One (1) Non-Politician. He was a/is a Businessman. A “Very Successful Businessman”! He was told he had {{{ NO CHANCE ! }}}, {{{ Get Out ! }}} & leave this to The Professionals! Well, after all of “The Mud Slingin’ “, all the name callin’, all of the threats, & “When the Smoke Cleared” who was left standin’? The “Very Successful Businessman”, Donald J. Trump, (soon to be) The 45th President of The United States Of America!

Now, let’s see what a “Businessman” can do that “Career Politicians” couldn’t. Some for over 40 years! God Bless America!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


2 thoughts on “…”see what a Businessman can do”…

  1. I’m not a big fan of Trump or the lady with the pantsuits…. I truly wish him much success though. We need a change and we need someone that can run this country like a business. I mean, it is a business if you really think about it. By the way, I’m in the industrial equipment business myself. I see you’re retired. I hate you! LOL Just kidding of course. Nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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