…”Better Days Ahead”…

As I sit here, this evenin’, enjoyin’ the Music of the “Make America Great Again” Welcome Celebration I am filled with emotion. The songs all seem to have Patriotic Themes of Our Military & Law Enforcement. So far I haven’t heard a single Republican nor Democrat Song! Imagine that. For the life of me, I am puzzled by the decisions of those who were invited to attend, these activities, yet have chosen not to be a part of this. To me that tells me there are a lot of people who have somethin’ to either be ashamed of, fear, hide from us, or are openly showin’ their personal intent NOT to work with the 45th President of These United States Of America. Right now our Country is so much more Racially Divided than we were 8 years ago. I am deeply sickened by this. And the actions of those who chose not to be a part of these activities reflect the actions that they intend to broaden that divide at every opportunity they get. As the Fireworks bring this evenin’s activities to an end I look forward to tomorrow as a New Day, A New Beginnin’, and hopefully Better Days Ahead of us all. God  Bless America! With that I’ll close for the evenin’…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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