…”our Nation can “come together” & support”…

Just Chillin'In just a mere 4 (+) days the United States will Inaugurate our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. Oh, and yes, I did Vote for him. And let me say the main reason I supported him, from the beginnin’, was because he IS NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN. He doesn’t have (Political) Skeletons in his closet like the other (Political) Candidates did.

He was the only Non-Politician from the beginin’ and he BEAT them ALL! Both Parties! It seems there’s a lot of division among our Citizens as WHO should have won the Presidential Election. But when all the dust settled He/Donald J. Trump DID WIN! There are those that will or will not be attending the Swearin’ In Of Our NEW/NEXT President.

There are rumors of many People/Organizations bound on Protestin’, Disruptin’, & Possibly Stoppin’ these proceedin’s! Then there are other People/Organizations vowin’ they Won’t Allow It To Happen. It could get nasty & I pray this doesn’t happen. There are those who were Invited to be on The Entertainment List but have refused, due to bein’ Sore Losers. Then there are others who have accept an Invitation to be on the Entertainment List that are bein’ threaten, by those Losers, to be “Black Balled” in their given fields of Entertainment. There is even a College Band that is going to perform in the Parade & it has been rumored they “Should NOT Accept such an invitation due to Racial Implications”.

OK, I know You/I can’t believe everything one reads out there in the Cyber World. But today there are rumors & rumors of rumors about information that has been “LEAKED” lately & by whom! Then there are rumors & rumors of rumors of those that may or may not survive these days of Turmoil upcomin’ in our near future. It has gotten to the point where it is REALLY disturbin’ that Our Society has come to this point. There is more “Finger Pointin’ ” goin’ on than I can remember, in our History, at such an important time. I hope & pray that all of these misgivin’s I have are unfounded.

There are a Lots of People, “Career Politicians”, losin’ Power they have been accustomed to thru the years & they are not acceptin’ it very well either. From the National Media to The Politicians. We/I seem to be hearin’ phrases like “That’s not the way we have done things here in the past”. Media Personnel are losin’ Status, Politicians are losin’ (Potential Income) their Cash Cows, Committee Assignments, etc. Lots of Folks are UNHAPPY, to say the least. I just hope our Nation can “come together” & support The 45th President, Donald J. Trump, & his Cabinet, he has selected, to advise/guide him over the next 4 years, & possibly even 8 years-who knows?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 


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