…”Y’all enjoy your Game Day”…

What day is Today? NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BOWL GAME DAY! It’s a repeat of last year matchin’ up The Alabama Crimson Tide -vs- The Clemson Tigers. Folks, it’s gonna be a good game. The other teams get to stay at home & watch, if they want to. Right Urban Meyer?

As the seconds, minutes, & hours click away the tension builds. Many fans, from both sides, have been in Tampa, FL for a few days already and many, MANY, more are arrivin’ by Land, Sea, & Air as the day ticks by. Those Cabbies & Tour Buses are goin’ to be rollin’ in the dough…

Supper has already been cook, yes-we’re havin’ “Left Overs”. The Beer is {{{{{ COLD }}}}}, the house shakers are laid out, I already have my “Colors” on, {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}.

I have heard Rumors, comin’ out of Tampa, that The Pachyderms of T-Town are bein’ fed their mornin’ snacks of Peanuts, both Rosted & Boiled. It is also Rumored that’em Ole Pachyderms are all bein’ fitted with a last minute, Game Day, decision “Rear Crotch Shields”. You know, as protection from a wanderin’ Claws. Them Ole Crazy Cats, from Clemson, have expressed, in game films, a tendency to grope their opponents, BUTTS, when the opportunity arises. It has also been Rumored that Clemson has spent a good bit of the teams budget, this year, on “Hand Wipes”, the scented ones with lanolin on’em, so they can keep those Big Paws Soft & Supple, to handle those Game Balls, of course. It has also been Rumored that Coach Dabo “Knows Nothin’ of This”. I have also heard, again rumored, that them Bama Handlers have the remains of a few, stuffed animals of course sprayed with certain animal Urine, Tigers in front of those Pachyderms, just workin’em up into a frenzy, as the day moves closer to game time. It has also been Rumored that them Big Cat Handlers are feedin’ their Big Cats large amounts of “Cat Nip”. Them Cats’ll be climbin’ the walls shortly, if not already. Yep, this all sounds like the makin’s of a good game tonight.

Speakin’ of feedin, I guess I need to get me somethin’ to eat to hold me off till supper time. Y’all enjoy your Game Day, Pre-Game, activities so you’ll be ready later this evenin’. {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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