…”I left and just thanked the Lord”…

Just Chillin'Yes, it’s a New Year! Today I had to go to the Dr’s Office to get some blood work done, just to get a prescription renewed. A simple in & out visit. I am & always have been a “People Watcher” & today was a full fledged event. I’m always at appointments early. Today was no different. I was there @ 12:40 p.m. for a 1:00 p.m. appointment. The waitin’ room, a nice size room, was about 1/4 full. Then all of sudden, @ 12:55 p.m., let me just say it looked like someone was Herdin’ Cattle. There was one hell of an influx of patients squeezin’, litterally, thru the door tryin’ to get ahead of the others in the “Sign-In” line. It really was funny. Of all the Sniffers, Hackers, Coughers, & those complainin’ about their “Bad Hips” they were flowin’ on in & by the grace of God none of ’em hit the floor. One by one they all were gettin’ Signed-In for their 1:00 p.m. appointments. I guess they had never heard the term “get there a little early to get signed in & to get paperwork tended to”. Me, hell, I’m enjoyin’ the comedy factor of it all. It’s always a treat, as well, to notice how folks dress to go out in public. There were two ladies there wearin’, I’m sure, their best Spandex pants (both about to bust at the seams), Wife Beater T-Shirts, & House slippers (1-red pair &1-pink pair). I’m sure they were Christmas Gifts cause they weren’t all snagged upjust yet, you know the type. Well that waitin’ Room filled up quickly. Several folks there knew others. Me, no, I was the Lone Wolf in the room. Now the conversations kicked in.”How’s ole so-in-so doin’ “?, “Oh I’m retired now”, “I fell in the grocery store the other day”, My children took my car keys away from me, what were they thinkin’ “.  And hen there were the One-Uppers, “Well let ME tell YOU what happened to ME”!, & on & on & on. By now I’m hurtin’ tryin’ to keep from just bustin’ out loud laughin’. The RN opens a door, I hear “Mr. Gray”? I rise, make my way past the out stretched legs, walkin’ canes, & crutches. The young RN sees me smilin’ as though she knew just what all I had been experiencin’/endurin’. Right in here please sir as she pointed to a side hall. All went well with her, I left and just thanked the Lord for all of the entertainment…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 


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