…”as it should be”…

Good Mornin’ & “HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2017, to you all. Recapin’ last night…

New Years Eve & What a night for Football…

In game one of the evenin’ The Pachyderms of Alabama got off to a slow start against the Huskies of Washington. But by the time those Huskies realized it those Pachyderms were {{{{{ ROLLIN’ }}}}} over’em like they never dreamed of. By HalfTime the Crimson Tide had {{{{{ Rolled }}}}} up a 17 to 7 score & I had hit my stride as well. I needed me a refill…

new-years-eve-2017Well, Two dead Soldiers @ Half Time. Let’s get ready for the 2nd half…By the time the 4th quarter ended it was 24 to 7 & those Huskies were just glad to exit the field, head back to the Left Coast whimperin’, with their hides still intact.

Ok, it’s set! The #1 & #2 Ranked Teams, The Alabama Crimson Tide & The Clemson Tigers, as it should be, will now play for the NCAA National Championship on January 9, 2017. Let me just say {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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