…”Oh, I may snore tonight”…

img_2006Well, it’s been a good day in the SEC today. Em’Gawga Dawgs beat dem Horney Toads from Texas by a score of 31 to 23. Now them Hounds from Ole Rocky Top are bout to close out their day over’em Corn Huskers 38 to 24. I’ve spent the day in The Cave whilst my Bride & daughter been cuttin’, ironin’, & layin’ out pieces & parts for another quilt. I thawed us out a couple of Ribeye Steaks, soaked’em rascals in some Dale’s Sauce for a couple of hours. Mean while I got the grill fired up and let it burn off, fixed a can of Peas & some Sweet Nibblet Corn as a couple of sides. Finally I got them thangs on the grill, sizzled’em up on one side then filpped’em once & snatched off the grill & plated em’thangs up. My Bride & daughter shared one, yep I consumed the other. Supper’s done,  as are’em Hounds from Rocky. I guess now I’ll watch em’Seminoles play wiff em’Wolverines. Don’t know if I’ll make this whole game or not. Now I’m just kicked back, enjoyin’ me some, 3 fingers worth, of Maple Crown Royal over some cubes of ice. Aahhh, now that’s some smooth sippin’ whiskey. I’m sure this will be just the first of several afore this nights over. Oh, I may snore tonight. Hope y’all had a good day as well…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 


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