…”what are YOU goin’ to Resolve”…

fire-place-in-the-caveThis is the time of year that there’s a lota hype of the New Year & Resolutions. We hear it everywhere. Make your New Years Resolution now! “Do this, don’t do that”. Buy this NOW and be ready. I’m goin’ to start doing “This/That”, what ever This/That is? I’m goin’ to invest more! I’m goin’ to eat better! I’m gonna lose some weight! And on. & on, & on. Right! Ok, now come December 31, 2016 how many of you have been doin’ whatever it was you SAID/Resoluved you were goin’ to do in 2016? So, what makes 2017 any different? Think about it. I really wonder how many of us, percentage wise, have followed  thru 100% on what ever it was you Committed/Resolved to do? Be honest! Ooh, and what are YOU goin’ to Resolve to do in 2017, & not follow thru on? Hum-m-m-m-m…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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