…”the occasional “that’s mine”!”…

Another CHRISTMAS has come & gone. What a wonderful gatherin’ we had @ my son & daughter-in-laws home. My whole family, both of Lindsay’s parents, my sister & brother-in law, special friends/extended family gathered & shared a wonderful day, meal, & exchangin’ of gifts all in The Spirit Of CHRISTMAS. The grandchildren all gave the blessin’ before we ate, in their standard competition form. All had plenty to eat, & then some. Eventually we got to the part the grands had been waitin’ for the most. Yes, the openin’ of, more, presents. The room was full of the sounds of names bein’ called out, the shreadin’ of wrappin’ paper, oooh’s, aaah’s, laughter, the occasional “that’s mine!”, & hugs galore. God, it was great to be a part of it all. Thank Lord for that opportunity. “MERRY CHRISTMAS and God bless us everyone”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>The Holy Bible  


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