…”continuin’ this path”…

Barrett School    1st grade  58-59 - CopyYesterday was a very Humblin’ Day to say the least. I thought my computer was about to suffer overload & the phone rang all day long! Thank you all. To receive soo many acknowledgements, Birthday Wishes, from FRIENDS & Family, as it was a “Mile Stone” in my life, that soo many years ago seemed unattainable. But now “I’m here, Hello 65”! I have been blessed to have met each & everyone of you at different stages & stops in my life. From the 4th Avenue South gang, to my earliest Church yrs, to Cascade Plunge, to Wahouma Ball Park, to the various schools I was Actually Enrolled in & those I spent soo much time visitin’, to my military yrs that REALLY changed my life, to my career yrs both co-workers, vendors & customers, & now into my retirement yrs on FB not only reconnectin’ but gettin’ to know & sharin’ with so many more of you. I have been blessed that soo many of you have been more than just a Friend, much much more & you know who you are. Let me just say it has been one hell of a journey up to this point & I’m lookin’ forward to continuin’ this path for many more yrs. From my family to all of you “MERRY CHRISTMAS & may you all have a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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