…”Life has been so wonderful”…

Life, Hum-m-m…As I sit here this evenin’, with my Bride sleepin’ peacefully on the sofa, I catch myself thinkin’ back to a time in December 1972, in the USAF @ Ramstein, Germany. I recall bettin’ a friend, $20.00 I wouldn’t live to see my 21st birthday, December 16th, only a few weeks away. The GOOD NEWS is I lost the bet! I had been through a long year of personal disappointment. And as it was I had let it get the best of me. Two & four day breaks, time off of work, weren’t my friend. I was partyin’ too much to make up for lost time & personally was out of control too often. I seemed to be lookin’ down the neck of either an empty Chivas Regal Scotch bottle or empty Bier Steins. I made a mistake of going to work one night, the night shift 2400 hrs/12:00 midnight until 0700hrs/7:00 a.m. I was on the Radar Console, about 0300hrs/3:00 a.m. & passed out. The guy workin’ with me jerked me out of the chair & saved us both from a real bad future. I never made that mistake again. Tomorrow, in just a few hours, I turn 65 yrs old. Yep I’m now on Medicare! I was lucky enough to meet the right woman in Germany, my Bride & I will be married 42 yrs in January 2017. After 4 yrs in the USAF, a 33 yr career with one company, & now retired 7 1/2 yrs here I am. I am truly a blessed man, two grown & successful children, one of them married & has blessed me/us with three wonderful grandchildren. We have a wonderful home my Bride & I planned for. Yes, Life has been so wonderful to me…”Hold’em Hook“!…..BG> 


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