…”where I am right NOW!”…

09-10-2016-watchin-bama-footballSittin’ here this mornin’, enjoyin’ my 3rd ,& final, Mug-O-Joe my mind tends to wander. I know, I’m not the the only one to do that!. But, lookin’ at pictures (some folks have posted this mornin’) of ole friends from my earliest memories, Church, elementary school, high school, etc. My mind wanders to the question, we have all asked ourselves @ one time or another, or maybe even others have asked us, “if YOU could go back & change an event in your life Would You”? Now before your mind wanders off on that, seriously, think about! No, REALLY, think about it! Through out our lives we have all done some dumb, stupid, & maybe even some dangerous things. Some of us, maybe even, have done some Illegal things. And something we all have in common is “we don’t want to talk about’em”, to anyone! Now, after thinkin’ about’em, & I hope you haven’t gone into {{{ Shock }}} over old memories, the question is still there, lingerin’ as it always has, “if YOU could go back & change that/those/an event in your life Would You”?

I know I can only speak for myself, & YES I have done too many of the above questionable events, & yes like you & yours, they will stay in the dark shadows of my mind. But, back to the question “if I could go back & change that/those/an event in MY life  Would I”? I can honestly say NO! WHY?, you may be wonderin’. Well, If I could go back & did change that/those/an event I would not be where I am RIGHT NOW! I can honestly say, I know I am right where I’m supposed to be. And, I love where I am. I know there had to be reasons that those things happened the way they did, I don’t really understand why they did but they did. And they all, collectively have brought me to where I am right NOW! I am truly happy with my live & realize, everyday, I am a very blessed man…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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