…”your Cheap Boss”…

fire-place-in-the-caveHum-m-m-m…28 degrees, the wind chill factor is 20 degrees, here in The Big Pell this mornin’. Thank goodness for a good ole Hot Mug-o-Joe & a Remote Control Fire! Yeah, you think it’s cold, right? Well bless my daughters heart, she is workin’ up in Minot, ND right now where it’s -12 degrees with a chill factor of -26 degrees. DAMN! That’s {{{{{{ COLD ! }}}}}. Mean while, here, The Ducks & Tree Rats {Squirrels}  don’t seem to care. The Ducks are just splashin’ away in the shallow of the slough while those pesky Tree Rats are racin’ thru the almost naked tree limbs & branches of the above ground canopy. It truly is amazin’ just how agile they really are. They seem to accelerate like a rocket & yet can literally just STOP, on a dime & give ya nine cents change! There’s not even a dog barkin’ outside! I need to go refill My-Joe Mug. Oh well, hope you’re all stayin’ warm. Go ask “Ole Scrooge”, your Cheap Boss, to throw another chunk of coal on the fire, or just turn up the thermostat. Now go enjoy your day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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