…”one hell ofa ribbin’ “…

Out on The Deck 5-26-16This is a wonderful time of year. The Season is changing again, now to COLD! But the best change is that it’s the CHRISTMAS Season! Look in any direction & you see images of CHRISTMAS. Religious ones, Santa’s, colored bells, BIG red bows, lights everywhere, The Salvation Army Ringin’ their bells beside their Red Buckets, The US MARINES collectin’ Toys For Tots, etc. Most importantly to those of us who are believers, we are seein’ the images of the Birth of Jesus Christ, as we prepare to celebrate, once again, our Lord & Savior – Amen! Others are preparin’ to take advantage of those shoppers out there, shoppin’ to buy that SPECIAL gift for that special someone, & tryin’ to get as much money out of the shoppers pockets as they can. This is also that time of the year when the Ugliest CHRISTMAS Sweaters are bought & worn. Hell, there are even “Ugliest CHRISTMAS Sweater Contest”! Then there are the CHRISTMAS Parties, Luncheons & Dinners bein’ planned & attended. It’s kinda of funny. Just look at all of the plannin’ the Ladies put into these get togethers. The perfect outfit & jewelry of course!  All the perfectly folded napkins with seasonal napkin rings, of course, the cute little hand made snacks & desserts all decorated up & spread out, the finest servin’ utensils the host can find, banquet tables all lit up with pretty & scented candles burnin’ for accent & mood. Ohh & the perfect Champagne Punch served in those pretty/cute little, hand cut, crystal cups, that hold about 3 good sips. Then look at those get togethers the Men are plannin’. HOT Wings, Cold Beer, paper towels, chips & nuts maybe. Exchangin’ their favorite Booze with that Special Ole Friend. Wearin’ that ugly CHRISTMAS sweater their wife’s, or mother-in-laws, bought’em, out the front door, then change to their favorite Sweat Shirt in the car before they get to their party/get together. For those that don’t there’s one hell ofa ribbin’ they’ll suffer over their lack of Manhood! Oh well, I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays, & Happy New Year!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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