…”Did you hear somethin’ ?”…

Just Chillin'We’re all guilty of it. We walk past a Mirror & what do we do? Yep! We all cut our eyes to see whats there, sneakin’ a peek back at us. Did you hear somethin’ ? At the same time we, yes you too, then quickly look around to see if anyone caught you takin’ that sneak peek at yourself. Then you see, or hear, someone gigglin’ or flat out laughin’ about somethin’ & you just hope it’s not you, or what you saw in that mirror. Sometimes, yes we’re all guilty of this, we spend time figurin’ out what we intend to wear for that day. We/you push up, tuck in, & push up again.Then we check with the Mirror to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. We smile & leave with that sense of confidence, Yeah!…Then there are those times, & we all have been guilty of it. We’ve all been Mirror Deaf! By that I mean we just can’t hear what that Mirror was sayin’ to us. As we, yes you too, walked away thinkin’ “Yeah”…the Mirror is {{{{{ SCREAMIN’ ! }}}}} @ you {{{{{ NOOO ! }}}}} don’t go out in public lookin’ like that! We’ve all seen that person, from across the way, then thought to ourselves, did they really look in the Mirror before they left home, & think “Yeah…I look good”!…Then in a flash, your mind goes back, to right before YOU left, as YOU looked in the Mirror, & thought “Yeah”… I asked you earlier “Did you hear somethin’ ?” Did YOU listen to YOUR MIRROR? Hum-m-m-m…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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