…”a great get together”…

Just Chillin'Today I was fortunate to have lunch with an Ole Friend from my workin’ days. It was fun catchin’ up on each other & our families. We also discussed the business market that he’s in & how it’s related to the industry that I was in for so many years. We discussed turn overs in ownership of businesses, personnel changes, philosophies of Brands/Dealers, & how Dealers are so different from one another. Lotta Changes there!. We discussed all the changes in Purchasin’, Leasin’, & Rentin’ of equipment. How people approach deals completely different. Somethings never change, “We’ve ways Done It That Way”! Also changes in the Maintenance & how important it is. In so many cases that is what drives the final decision as to what a customer will buy & from which Dealer. Logistics seemed to be a word that captured a lot of the conversation. Yeah, it’s a drivin’ force & will continue to get even bigger in most markets. I guess I can, again, say I’m glad I Retired when I did. Do I miss the people I worked with? Do I miss the customers? Let me just say “many of them” as an answer to both questions, & I’ll let it go at that. I can honestly say it was a great get together with an Ole Friend…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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