…”I headed for the house”…

Logan Martin Lake, Sunday afternoon, 3:30 p.m., 54 degrees (F). Me & Ole Chrome & Blue (Rattle Trap) were feelin’ the pressures of Cabin Fever this afternoon. So, we took a walk down to the lake. Did some walkin’ along the banks of the slough just castin’ as I was goin’. I could feel the bumpin’ of fish strikin’ at Ole Chrome & Blue, but they just weren’t gettin’ serious yet. I just kept on walkin’,  castin’, & crankin’. {{{{{ WHAM ! }}}}}…Finally we hooked up with what turned out to be about an 8 lb. (+/-) Stripper! So I backed off of on the Star Drag to keep from breakin’ that 10 lb. test line. After several minutes, I finally got it up to the edge of my neighbors boat launch, lipped’em, unhooked’em, & just admired’em for a few moments. I reached for my cell phone to snap a picture or two but I left it up at the house. Then a smooth release & another quick cast. {{{{{ WHAM ! }}}}}…here we go again! But this time it was a Spotted Bass. It was a healthy rascal, in the 3 lb. class, I leaned down to lip’em & he started spittin’ up fresh eaten Shad he’d been feedin’ on. Again, unhooked’em, admired’em for a couple of moments & returned him’em to fight another day. There was a lull in the action for a while. Oh, I was still gettin’ those bumps & me jerkin’ like a fool tryin’ to hook up again. Played with the neighbors dog a few moments, just to shut’em up, he was barkin’ at Ghost Squirrels. Then I saw the swirl of some shad, a quick rocket like flip cast just beyond’em, a couple of cranks, & {{{{{ WHAM ! }}}}}. Again I had hooked-up with another healthy Spotted Bass. It looked like a Book-End of the other one. The temperature was droppin as the sun had set, daylight was faddin’ fast. My neighbor had wandered down, we were chatin’ as I was castin’ & {{{{{WHAM ! }}}}}…again, another Spotted Bass, bit this one bigger than the other two Spots. After just a moment or so, he made a jump & threw that Ole Chrome & Blue back @ me. I ducked in time as it whizzed by my right ear! I had visions of my Ole Marine Buddy, flash thru my mind, his ole head is a magnet for treble hooks. My neighbor & I both had a good laugh about it. It was then 4:45 p.m., the sun light, for all practical purposes, was gone. My neighbor turn & headed back to his grill he was cookin’ on & I headed for the house myself. What a way to end my day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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