…”Hell, I don’t blame’em”…

There must be a lot of Shame down on The Plains this evenin’. It seems NO ONE is talkin’ or chattin’ bout dat LITTLE INCIDENT! One of’em Buzzards (Accordin’ to AL.com), that roams over The Plains before the games, seems to have flown into one of them uprights on a Goal Post. It must not be too injured. It managed to glide on in for a landing & get it’s snack of a dead Rat or what ever that is they tease it with to come back. I wonder if that’s that same Buzzard that Flew into that glass on that VIP Box, recovered, & then spooked the hell outa some of’em Fans (I remember the fear on that little boys face), as they was tryin’ to duck & cover, tryin’ to keep from bein’ whammed in the head by’em Claws a few years ago. Hell, I don’t blame’em, I’d be embarrassed too…“Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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