…”in The Ladies Room”…

Just Chillin'Tonight was a Dual get together, for both the WHS & BHS groups, @ The VT in “The Ham”. The turn out wasn’t as big as one would expect but it was still a GOOD crowd! There were folks there from as far away as Pensacola, FL & Fair Hope, AL to as near as right there in “The Ham” area.. Hell, there were two of us there from the “Big Pell”. It was a great get together though. On my drive home tonight I was enjoyin’ the sight, of the remains, of our “Super Moon, as it was risin’ up over the Eastern Horizon, although it’s on the down side almost to a Half Moon. But was it ever bright, beautiful, & not a cloud in the sky from my view. I had my tunes {{{{{ CRANKED UP }}}}} the way I like’em, the radio was on an Oldies Channel (what else is there?), the Moon Roof was open, there was a cool breeze in my face, & I was fully enjoyin’ the drive. I was reminiscin’  on the evenin’ & one  of the best conversations I had tonight. It was about missin’ out on a party in The Ladies Room that I missed, although I was invited to attend by two lovely ladies! But, bein’ the Gentleman I am, I turned down the invite. I mentioned I had visited The Ladies Room before, @ another restaurant in “The Ham” before. Well I ended up tellin’ on myself…Well, My Bride, our daughter, & I were early as usual. My Bride excused herself as she was goin’ to go to the Ladies Room, as we were waitin’ on other family members to arrive for a family dinner, so off she strolled. A moment, or so later, I told my daughter, who was there with me, I was goin to do the same (little did I know how right I was) & I strolled off. I entered the restroom & remember thinkin’ how nice & clean it was (compared to normal)! Thinkin’ to myself, they must have remodeled it? Hum-m-m? No Urinals hangin’ on the wall? I thought nothin’ of it & entered the nearest stall. Well, I’ll just say, I re-leaved myself, exited the stall, & began to wash my hands. Unbeknownst to me, @ the time, my Bride was in a stall a little farther down the line, & she thought she recognized my voice, as I politely spoke to a woman, who had just exited yet another stall, with a strange look on her face, & there we were, both of us were washin’ our hands. I think she was in shock. I left, like the gentleman I am, then took my seat in the hall next to my daughter, didn’t say anything, & then out comes my Bride doin’ her damn best to hold back her laughter, askin’  “were YOU just in The Ladies Room”? I smiled, sheepishly, & said “as a matter of fact I was”! Then she, & my daughter, really broke out in hearty, uncontrolled laughin’ sessions, @ my expense I must say. Between her, my Bride’s, gasps for breaths, she said “I thought I recognized that voice – but then thought no-o-o-o, but then I realized IT WAS YOU”!, as she continued to gasp for breaths. Well, needless to say, that little activity made our night, both @ the Italian Restaurant in “The Ham” that night & again tonight me tellin’ that TRUE story to the two ladies who had invited to the Party that I missed, in The Ladies Room, tonight @ The VT. Oh well…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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