…”We are already workin’ on the menu”…

img_2006My Bride & I just finished havin’ lunch today. We were reminiscin’ over the last few days here at the house. Our daughter-in-law was out of town on a “Girls Weekend” so we have had the 3-Grands here since Thursday evenin’. Our son, daddy to the Grands, was in and out as work related issues let him be. They left earlier this mornin’ headed back to “The Ham”. I have removed myself to The Cave, as my Bride wants to watch some “Fru-Fru” TV shows I have NO interest in. Lookin back on yesterday, Saturday, we were all into College Football. The Grands were all wearin’ their Auburn outfits, hopin’ for a win that just didn’t happen. The mornin’/day started with (my) #1 Crimson Tide Rollin’ over the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. As the day progressed we watch the Tigers of Auburn loose to the Dawgs of Georgia, that broke my sons heart. And durin’ other parts of the day & night we saw the #2 Tigers of Clemson lose to the Panthers from Pitt, the #3 Michigan Wolverines lose to the Hawkeyes of Iowa, & the #4 Washington Huskies lose to the Trojans of USC. Even the Tigers of  LS “Who” ran all over the Hogs of Arkansas. Man what a day for the NCAA. Now all of the Super (in their own mind) Prognosticators are scramblin’ to decide who might be Play-Off worthy for the National Championship on January 9, 2017, in a just under two (2) months. So now we rest up & look forward to next Saturday & another Football Weekend. We are already workin’ on the menu for Saturdays Feast. ((((( SEC, SEC, SEC ! }}}}}…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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