…”Thank you Ed…”

Just Chillin'
This mornin’, it was with a heavy heart, I attended a Visitation for someone, who recently passed. I worked for him for several years. He was a man, no a friend, who was very important in my career. He gave me the opportunity to advance myself if I was willin’ to work for it. He was the Vice President & Sales Manager of the Division I worked for. I applied for an open Truck Drivers position, a Tractor Trailer/Lowboy Rig. For me it was a move up from a mechanics position. Don’t get me wrong. There was nothin’ wrong with bein’ a mechanic. I just knew I wasn’t a career Mechanic & I welcomed the next opportunity. I felt I wanted to move up to bigger, more financially rewardin’, opportunities. I would be deliverin’ & demonstratin’ Material Handlin’ (Lift Trucks) equipment & Engine Power Generation equipment. It was New, Used & Rental Equipment. And when I wasn’t drivin’ I would be assistin’ the mechanics on equipment in the Shop, to help cut down on Cost & help Profits! There’s a reason for everything. This job got me out of the Shop, out on the road, different places to go everyday, & in a position of meetin’ Customers on a daily basis. I really enjoyed that. It was a very good way to learn more about our products, our customers needs, & learn “The Sales Process”. I worked mostly alone. I would meet Sales Representatives at the customer locations. If they could get out of bein’ there I’d assume the responsibility of delivery, demonstratin’ ,& answerin’ basic questions about the equipment. And as time went on I got more comfortable with answering any of the customers questions. This man once told me “if you’d shut up & listen you could get somewhere in this business”. My family & I owe him more than I could ever repay. In my eyes/mind he was a true leader & a friend. Thank you Ed for the opportunity, RIP Sir…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>

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