…”It’s a week by week process”…

fire-place-in-the-caveSo, as my body tries to adjust to the time change, from Daylight Savings Time, I’m settlein’ into the The Cave for the day. I have finished my mornin’ Pot-O-Joe, showered, & dressed. My Bride made some “Heat’em & Eat’em” cinnamon rolls, I claimed my fair share, with her approval of course. She is now doin’ some educational things, RN stuff, on line & I’m {{{{{ Chillin’ ! }}}}}. Last night we enjoyed, with some Friends over, the Alabama – vs – LS “Who” (LSU) Football Game. I can say I was judgin’ the pace of the game by my {{{ Cold }}} Beer consumption. We, the Game & I, both started off slow. “The Tide” was strugglin’ tryin’ to score. They missed too many scorin’ opportunities. But they also kept LS “Who” from scorin’. As for me, my pace picked up 1/2 way thru the 1st quarter & only increased from there. At the Half I had to get some sustenance in my stomach cause I already had a “Swell of Beer” in there. With Half Time over it was back to the Game & the Beer. Then the pace started pickin’ up in the 3rd quarter & my pace leveled off. As the 4th quarter progressed I was furious with the time management buy the Tide Coachin’ Staff. That caused my pace to pick back up! “Bama” had to waste two timeouts due to the Offensive Coordinator just couldn’t get plays called in a proper time frame. Hell Coach, ya got a “True Freshman” at Quarterback, help the boy out every chance ya get! It caused us/them to have to WASTE two time outs or take UN-needed “Delay of Game” penalties at that point. Totally unacceptable! In the end my “Crimson Tide” pulled off a WIN, a Shut-Out, 10 to ZERO!  The Tide is still Rollin’ & undefeated on the season with 7 Wins. There are three games remain’ in our/their regular season. Then comes the SEC Championship. Who knows who’s goin’ from the Western Division? That is yet to be determined as is who will be representin’ the Eastern Division. Then come the opportunities of Bowl Games & The National Championship opportunity lingerin’ out there. It’s a week by week process, so, hang on! {{{{{ Roll Tide Roll ! }}}}}…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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