…”take a moment to prepare”…

Out on The Deck 5-26-16This mornin’ I was sittin’ out on The Deck enjoyin’ the early mornin’. I love these cool early mornin’s we’ve been havin’. This mornin’ I was enjoyin’ the sounds but there was somewhat of a fog or haze out there. I wasn’t smellin’ smoke so I knew there wasn’t a fire burnin’ anywhere close. I wasn’t able to enjoy the sights as much as I was hopin’ to. But still it’s a wonderful place to start my day. My Mug-O-Joe was just right, the mornin’ songs of Gods creatures were so soothin’ to my soul. I was just waitin’ on that fog or haze to clear. I went for a refill on my Mug-O-Joe, got back out to my front row seat, picked up my Lap Top to connect & it too seemed to have that haze obstructin’ my view. My eyes were waterin’ so I removed my glasses, wipped the remains of those “Night Nuggets” out of the corners of my eyes & put my glasses back on. In the process I rub my finger across my left lens and noticed a smug across it. So I got my glasses cleaner out & cleaned my glasses, put them back on again & damn! It wasn’t the fog or haze! It was my glasses! They were horrible with one hell of a, nasty, build up on’em. Now that they were CLEAN it was a beautifully clear mornin’ & I had missed so much of it! While I was at it I also cleaned my Lap Top & Cell Phone screens. They too had finger prints & smudges built up on’em. It’s amazin’ what you can see when you take a moment to prepare in advance. Y’all enjoy your day…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG> 


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