…”Again, thank you Mr. Smith!…(continued)

 I said “I don’t know”! He said “calm down Billy, I have had it 25 years, each ring represents 1 year of growth, there are 42 rings there, I’ll be back”. And he was up and gone again. He knew exactly what he was doin’. I sat there a moment or two thinkin’ about this age thing. Then it hit me!, (he has had it) 25 years + 42 rings = 67! It was 67 years old! I sprang up from my seat, made a bee line toward Mr Smith, & said “excuse me sir it’s 67 years old”! He simply said “you’re right, now, go back to your bench, I’m helpin’ someone else right now”. I responded” yes sir” & turned & headed back to my bench, knowin’ I had learned somethin’ but did not know just how important that lesson was. From that point on I would look at a tree & wonder how old it was. I didn’t want to cut it down to find out but I was curious. As time went by I got to where I really admired Big Ole Oak Trees especially. I’d look at’em, admire’em , & wonder “if it could just talk what stories could it tell me”? Then I’d think about a big tree being about 200 years old. It was here when the Spanish Explorers were here, the many different Indian nations & tribes were here, before our forefathers fought for our Independence from The British, durin’ Slavery, when the Civil War was fought, the growth & development of our Nation, States, & Cities. I learned to use trees as kind of a slidin’ scale of History. Hey, it worked for me. We all need tools from time to time. I learned to relate things & happenin’s in history to the size of the trees around me. Thank you Mr. Smith. Later on in life, durin’ my years in Equipment Sales,  I’d guess it was about 1990, I was callin’ on a Lumber Mill. There hangin’ on the wall, in the Lobby of the Office Building, was a picture of a man standin’ in front of a HUGE Redwood Tree cross cut section, much larger than the one I once held in Mr. Smiths class so long ago.  The owner of the Mill told me that was his Grandfather standin’ in that picture. Standing there his head reached about 1/3 of the way to the top. In the picture there were Historical Tabs attached to & it pointin’ to various rings that represented specific events & times in history. There were probably 30 of’em, in all, in that picture, attached to the cross cut section. What really impressed me the most was the Historical Tab pointin’ to a specific Ring on that cross cut section that read “Jesus Christ was born in this year”. And that wasn’t even to the Center yet. I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember what the other Historical Tabs indicated, but there were a few more even closer to the center. People, I’ll never forget that moment. Again, thank you Mr. Smith!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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