My Military Career Part #13b…”Do I regret it? Not a damn bit!”…

Needless to say a couple of hours had passed, many more friends had arrived & joined in the celebration. Oh & the dancin’, singin’, huggin’, & rubbin’ of bodies on the slow songs. Yes, we were young & just flat out enjoyin’ ourselves. It was time to refill our Five (5) Liter Mugs. My MBF, along with a few others, took our mugs to the bar. Other MBF’s, females, kept me occupied. I saw my MBF’s comin’ back with our Mugs. My throat was truly parched. There was just one problem. Mine was EMPTY! I asked “What The Hell”?, or somethin’ to that affect. Well everyone was gatherin’ close around & My MBF said he was goin to “Propose a Toast”! I interrupted him sayin’ “Hey! There’s nothin’ in MY Mug” to Thoast with! Everyone got quiet & then he said “Well here, have a drink out of this Mug”! Then he said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He then sat a NEW Beir/Beer Mug/Stein up on the table. It was a 7.5 Liter German Beir/Beer Mug/Stein, full of Schloss Brau! After that I remember bits & pieces of the night, & they were all GREAT! I remember someone drove my car, with the two of us back to his house, on base in the Family Housing area. I still had a little Beir/Beer in my Mug/Stein, staggered across the street, without breakin’ it, & finished it before goin’ in his family’s apartment. I do know I passed out at some point. My MBF had a bed room down in the basement of the buildin’. He, who was damn near as drunk as I was, & his girl friend tried to carry me down the steps for us to bed down & sleep off the rest of the night, or what was left of it. I remember my elbow (now I don’t remember if it was my left or right) was killin’ me. I found out some time later that my MBF & his girl friend dropped me & bounced me down the few steps there. My MBF was in his bed passed out. I was on the floor on a mattress & that elbow was throbbin’! I’ll just say I passed back out again & woke several hours later, it was after sun up, I don’t remember what time it was, but my elbow was {{{ SWOLLEN ! }}}, hurttin’ somethin’ awful, & I couldn’t bend it. All I can say is “that was one hell of a night”. Do I regret it? Not a damn bit! It’s funny how we remember things, from so long ago, as if they happened just recently…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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