My Military Career Part #13a…”Do I regret it? Not a damn bit!”…

Sittin’ in down in The Cave this, Sunday, afternoon I was watchin’ somethin’ on TV. As I sat there lookin’ somethin’, in my peripheral vision to my left side, caught my eye! I immediately whipped my head to the right side of the TV. It was my two (2) Bier/Beer Mugs that had caught my attention. My mind was immediately transported to Saturday night, December 16, 1972, Ramstein AFB, The Roman Inn , & many of my friends (Military & Military Brats) & my 21st Birthday. I got off of work @ 4:00 p.m. that day & I was now on a three (3) day break & the Kindsbach Cave was behind me. Little to my did I know I was goin’ to be NEEDIN’ all three (3) of’em. Also, I was off from my part time job @ The Roman Inn. That is where I served as the Human {{{ “PA System” }}}, and also sold & served Pizza (Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, or a Combo), German, Schloss Brau, Bier/Beer (bottled or draft), & Coke. Drinks were sold by the glass, the bottle, or Pitcher. That was the extent of the Menu. After gettin’ off work I went to my apartment to shower, change cloths, & get my Bier/Beer Mug. I was goin’ to celebrate the night, with my five (5) Liter Bier/Beer Mug! A Military Brat Friend (MBF) of mine had one just like it & WE were goin’ to be DRINKIN’ out of’em on this Special Night! I got there just before 6:00 P.M. There was a band already playing, as happened there on many Saturday nights. My MBF immediately took both of our Five (5) Liter Mugs & had’em filled. The celebration had begun! We were feastin’ on cheap greasy Pizza & washin’ it down with good German Draft Bier/Beer. If you’ve never had REAL German Draft Bier, well, let me tell ya, it’s like “Mother’s Milk”!….continued


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