…”my shorts, tee shirts, & sandals”…

FALL is here! All of the Colors of Fall are supposed to be comin’ . BUT not for us, HERE in East Central Alabama. Oh, the colors are changin’, but they are so muted, & it isn’t from the Cool Temperatures. It is from the lack of rain fall, the Drought Conditions we are in, & the record high temperatures we are experiencin’, for this time of year. Like today it is projected to get up to 87 degrees (F) with a low tonight projected to be 56 degrees. And the comin’ week is just goin’ to be more of the same. As for any rain in our future here, well, it’s not too promisin’. We are already facin’ water Conservation Practices, Rationin’. The Local Water Departments aren’t concerned if your expensive lawn of shrubs dye off. They are more concerned with quality & quantity of life. That’s what are really designed for, right! If you’re caught exceeding NORMAL usage, during these extreme times, you/we are subject to Fines, as it should be. There are also “Burn Warnin’s” in effect for us. Because everything is just so dry. Again, ignorin’ these warnin’s can bring fines as well. And the expense of results too should you be found to be responsible for a fire that gets out of control. Your best bet don’t light that FIRE! Our State is expericin’ more Wild Fires then normal for this time of year. We are fortunate though that we don’t experience he types of Wild Fires as other parts of the country. But those that are directly affected buy the ones here may feel differently about that. As for me & my family we have never been directly affected by’em. Thank God!  So, I’ll just continue to enjoyin’ my shorts, tee shirts, & sandals. In closin’ I say onto you “Enjoy your day”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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