…”call out their name”…

Just Chillin'

{{{{{ DREAMS ! }}}}}…We all have ’em. They come to us in our sleep as Funny, Fantasy, Horror, a look into our future, & times from our past. Things we have done, places we’ve been, people from our lives we have lost, & people we wish we had NEVER met. Some are so scrambled up they include people & places from our past that are intertwined with our present. Some are so realistic we wake up, lookin’ around, & are tryin’ to figure out where we are. Was it Real or Not? Yeah, we’ve ALL been there. Most of us, as children, dreamed of bein’ different things. When I was a child, Boys dreamed of being a Dad, Cowboy, Doctor (and played @ it every chance we got), Fireman, Policeman, Baseball/Football/Basketball Player, etc. Girls (I think) dreamed of bein’ a Mother, Nurse, Teacher, Singer, Actress, etc. Over the decades, of your life, how many times have YOU, due to a dream of yours or someone else in your house, looked under the bed, or been too scared to! How many times have you gotten up to look in a closet, with a flash light in one hand & maybe a Pistol in the other hand. How many times have you had someone too scared to sleep alone crawl in bed with you (that you didn’t take advantage of)? Have you ever had to go outside to find a limb movin’ in the nights breeze & scrubbin’ against the house? Only to go back to the door to go in & you see wet footprints in front of the door you came out of? Then realized someone, or the Dog/Cat, inside wet the floor you walked on (by a spill or bodily function)? Have you Won the Lottery in a dream? Most say they dream in “Black & White” while others swear they dream in Color. It’s a toss up. How about YOU? Have you had that dream where you’re fallin’ off a cliff, on a plane that is about to crash, a boat that is about to sink, etc. & wake up just before that final instant & you’re all sweaty! Or you were runnin’ from someone or a wild animal? Have you gone to bed dressed & woke up naked & don’t know WHY (were their any pictures)? Have you had that dream where you’re in front of a crowd speakin’ & they’re all naked (if only)? Who has dreamed of THAT OTHER person?, & hope you didn’t call out their name in your sleep? Hum-m-m…Y’all sleep well tonight...”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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