…”Papa’s got to be prepared”…


Goin' for a ride #2   7-12-14 - Copy

It has been a GREAT day! I had a hair cut appointment @ 9:30 a.m.this mornin’.  I had decided last night that if the Temperature this morrnin’ was 50 degrees or better I was taken the Ole H-D. I rose at 5:45 a.m. got the Ole Joe Pot-a-Brewin’ & commenced to get me dressed for the day. After enjoyin’ 2 Mugs-o-Joe here I fixed the third one for the road. Well, it was 51 degrees here in The Big Pell, @ 8:30 a.m., so off we went. Damn, I must say, it was one {{{ Chilly }}} trip between 45 & 55 mph. up to Alexanderia, AL. I arrived 45 minutes later, found me a spot to park in the Sun to spend the next 15 (+/-) minutes soakin’ up the warm Sun Rays & nursin’ that Mug-o-Joe. Surprisin’ly it was still HOT! After my Hair Cuttin’ Gall, that has been takin’ care of this ugly head for the last 25 years, got thru I decided to pay a visit to several friends where I used to work in Oxford, AL.Time went by pretty quick, catchin’ up on some things & people. I was invited to go to lunch with a group & folks so I enjoyed more time with’em. Afterwards, Ole H-D & I circled on home, completin’ a 110 mlie trip. I got the Ole H-D neatly put away. Then I got the Grand’s car seats put back in the Ole  Expedition in case I should need’em in the next few days. Papa’s got to be prepared ya know. Hope y’all enjoyed your day as much as I did mine…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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