…”(more lessons there)”… Part #4

After 4 years in the USAF I reentered “Civilian Life” back home. I started goin’ to Jr. College (as it was refered to back then) and workin’ a couple of different part time jobs. I injured a knee & had to have surgery, & had to drop out of Jr College, got passed that but then was financially broke. My wife was workin’ and carrin’ us along as best possible. Now I was in need of a good job. I was lucky enough to apply with, was tested by, & hired by, the family owned Caterpillar Equipment Dealer. I started out there as a Mechanic Trainee with NO experience & ended my 33 year career there in Lift Truck/Material Handling Sales. Durin’ my 4th year there I accepted a position as a Truck Driver. I drove a tractor trailer (Low Boy) deliverin’ New, Used, & Rental Lift Trucks & Engine/Power Generators, for six(6) years. When I wasn’t “runnin’ the roads” I was turnin’ wrenches in the shop justifin’ my existence. The VP/Sales Manager of the division I worked for, called me in his office once, during my annual review. The most important thing I remember, from that day, was at the end of my review. He look at me & said “If you’ll learn to keep your Mouth Shut & Listen more you might just get somewhere in this company” (more lessons there)!

Durin’ my Sales Career/Years, twenty four (24) years, I met many people that influenced me, there were several Customers, MEN, that became more than just Customers in my life. They became Friends. Four (4) of them were “Older Gentlemen” that became very influential to me. ONE more than the others. One of ’em was in the Tire Manufacturin’ field & the other Three (3) were in the Textile Manufacturin’ business. Different companies & different fields of expertise. These four (4) gentlemen taught me a lot about their industries, their companies, their products, & about myself (more lessons there).

Now I have been retired almost 7 1/2 years, happily married (soon to be 42 wonderful years), two (2) successful adult children (one married), & three (3) wonderful grandchildren (more lessons there). I know I’m a very blessed man…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>Out on The Deck 5-26-16


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