…”The Remote Control is workin’ “…

It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m settlin’ into The Cave for some me time. My Bride & daughter are upstairs enjoyin’ each other & Girl TV! Since the weather has turned Cooler I’m goin’ to get The Cave fire place ready I guess. Need to get the pilot light lit, check the 9-volt batteries in the controls on the Fire Place & in The Remote Control. I would hate to have to get out my Lazy Boy to go turn it on & off. I’m sure you know I mean. My son & his family left this mornin’. They had been here since Friday evenin’. Saturday was a Football Day here @ The Gray House. Started the mornin’ early. Grandchildren gettin’ before 6:30 a.m. Cartoons & Breakfast was the business  at hand. Adult children started wanderin’ into the Family Room. Two (2) needed coffee & the other wanted a Diet Drink. With all caffeinated up we got “Game Day” turned on. After a while my son & I went to get the Pork Butt BBQ & Sauce from “The Shack”. This was goin’ on the Baked Tater Bar later in the day along side all of the other toppin’s tht would be there. There were others, extended family, that made it here later in the day. They were bringin’ the Taters & others that would be consumed. We were all anticipatin’ the Kick Off for the Bama Game. “The Tide” Rolled High over the “Aggies” from Texas A&M, what a shame! {{{{{ ROLL TIDE ROLL ! }}}}}. The Buzzard from South East Alabama, called “War Eagle”, flew mighty over the Hawgs/Hogs from “Clinton Terririoy”/Arkansa. Two good games, both of or our teams won & everyone enjoyed their fill from the Baked Tater Bar. Cookies, Cupcakes, & Ice Cream were the desserts for the evenin’. {{{{{ Roll Tide Roll ! }}}}}. Later in the evenin’, durin the Ole Miss Rebs vs Bengal Tigers from LSU game, my son & daughter-in-law were gettin’ the Grands ready for bed. The oldest, the 7 year old, was in my lap, with her head restin’ on my chest, looked up @ me & said “Papa, I wish I could just sleep here on you”. I had a lump in my throat the size of softball. I had to pause then said “Baby you’ll sleep much better in your bed”. She gave me a kiss on the cheek & headed off as she & the other two were bein’ herded off to bed by their parents. I needed another Cold Beer after that. My son, daughter-in-law & Grands left early this mornin’ so they could get back home in “The Ham” & go to Church. Well, after a couple of Cold one’s I finished my chores. The Remote Control is workin’ great! Now just to kick back & enjoy the rest of my afternoon. Hope y’all do to…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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