…”(more lessons there)”…Part #2

Barrett School    1st grade  58-59 - Copy

As I grew up & got active in sports there were many other MEN, in my life, who were Little League Coach’s. I’ll just refer to them as “The MEN of Wahouma Ball Park”. Now “The MEN of Wahouma Ball Park” had their own lives. Most were family MEN, yet some were single (& just wanted to share & lead youngsters), & had careers. Yet they all made time to be active, not only in their children’s lives but, in the lives of others, like myself. Also, one of “The MEN of Wahouma Ball Park” was my Cub Scout Pack co-leader. He & his wife (the other co-leader) were very large influences in my life as well (more lessons there).

There was another MAN, who’s family owned the Large Swimming Pool, near our neighborhood, who had a big heart, & was good businessman as well. An odd combination to say the least. I not only spent most of my spare time there during my summers playin’, swimmin’ & socializin’ but also was lucky enough to have several Summer jobs there growin’ up. My 1st job was as “The Locker Boy”! Yeah, I wore that ole key around my neck proudly. My last few Summers there, durin’ my High School years, prior to goin’ in the Military, I was a Life Guard, just one of several. Talk about a GOOD JOB! Responsibility, Fun in the sun, Girls, a “to kill for Sun Tan”, & earned Money all @ the same time (more lessons there)!

When I was 11 1/2 years I also had a Paper Route. People in those days wanted their News Papers delivered On Time, every day!!! There were NO Excuses!!! The papers were delivered, in bulk to our house. If there were any Advertisin’ Pages (i.e. Special Coupons, Grocery Store adds, Sears, JC Penny’s, etc.) they too were delivered, separately & I had to “Stuff’em” in the papers, Then Roll & wrap with kite cord, & if it was wet weather we had to stuff’em in plastic wrappers to keep’em dry. Nobody wanted to read a Wet Paper! Then load’em in my oversized Paper Basket on my bicycle & Canvas Saddle Bags & head out to deliver’em. Oh! And on Sunday mornin’s they had to be delivered no later than 6:00 a.m., rain or shine, hot or freezin’ cold! Then on Saturday afternoons, I had to pay my Paper Bill to the Branch Manager. The Branch manager didn’t care if customers were payin’ on time or not. He just expected me to pay MY bill with him, ON TIME! Then I had to COLLECT from my own customers. Some folks were set up to pay weekly, every other week, or some even monthly. It all depended on how they, themselves, got paid. The hardest part of that job was Collections! Goin’ around my route, door to door, dogs barkin’ & chasin’ me from time to time collectin’ the money my customers owed me. I was a Business Man & didn’t even know it! Most of ’em always paid on time, even gave me extra as tips, & many times Homemade Cookies or Candy! Then there were those that always had a reason why they couldn’t/wouldn’t pay this week. But some how they always came up with the money when I QUIT throwin’ theirs. All of a sudden they had enough to money to pay & get fully caught up. Funny how that worked. Another MAN, the Branch Manager, taught me that little trick (more lessons there)…to be continued…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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