…”(more lessons there)”…Part #1


Bein’ happy & comfortable with my life I have thought about “How did I get here”. I have, for some strange reason, recently thought about the MEN who have been My Mentors. Those that have influenced me, during various stages of my life. So I thought I’d just “jot down a few thoughts”. Some of them may even be recognizable to some of you that know me. Well, I kinda got carried away. I hope I do justice to these MEN…To all of You/Them THANK YOU!, for bein’ there for me.

Growin’ up I was fortunate enough to have Many MEN as Influences in my life. From my earliest developmental years thru my career years, & yes now in Retirement. I have been reflectin’ on this over the past few days. I know I can’t/shouldn’t/won’t use their names due to various reasons. But trust me, I owe them ALL a lot! My Father passed away when I was just 20 months old due to an accident. So I never had that “Father” there to influence & train me. So unconsciously I was always searchin’ for that somethin’ that others had, but I didn’t.  My Mother found herself a Widow, @ 24 years old, with two young boys, a 3 1/2 year old and a 20 month old. We were fortunate enough to be taken in by my mother’s Parents, my Mama & Papa. I have no memory of my Father, other than things I have been told throughout my life by various family members. Some good & some bad. Growin’ up under my Papa’s “Male Influence” was somewhat lackin’. Aside from learnin’ about the love for Fishin’ I can’t say there was much more I can attribute directly back to him. My Papa had been a Rail Road Man, & he worked for & retired from the IRS. He had an accounting background (he was very GOOD with numbers) & was part of a “Still Bustin’ Team/Unit”. Many folks down in Shelby & Chilton Counties knew him well. One of his favorite sayin’s to me was “If you can Add & Subtract Numbers you can do anything”! I wasn’t good in Math so I kinda knew he wasn’t proud of me in that regard. I can’t tell you the number of times he said that to me! Don’t misunderstand me, I loved him very much. But lookin’ back he was a HARD Man. I was fortunate that the neighborhood I lived in, from the age of 20 months until I was 10 1/2 years old (that was when my Mother remarried & we moved) there were several neighborhood Dads, MEN, that I was blessed to be around & absorb the influences they had on me. These were all lovin’ Family MEN! They were the type of MEN who loved their families & had enough love in them that it over flowed to others when we, my brother & I, were in their presence. As a result of their influences I learned things, I unknowingly, stored away to be used as a guide later in life (lessons there)…to be continued“Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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