…”{{{ FOR Y’ALL ! }}}”…

As if my Bride didn’t have enough to deal with, due to her oral surgery issues, she woke up very early this mornin’ with an ear ache. A pretty bad one. So she heads off to the local Doc-In-A-Box. They determined she has an Ear Infection, gets a couple of shots, two prescriptions, & send her on her way. We waited for the Pharmacy to open & I went to get her Rx’s. Then again today, I was banished to The Cave to entertain myself while my Bride & daughter played sewin’ games upstairs. After a while I heard my Ole Chrome & Blue Rattle Trap callin’ my name, lettin’ me know it needed to go for a swim. So off we headed down to the water for a while. The Shad, bait fish, were everywhere. So we wandered from pier to pier until we found us a bunch of average size Spots tearin’em up. Second cast I landed one, a quick admirin’ of it, & released to fight another day. Caught three more and repeated the process again three more times. Moved on to two more piers & continued to do the same at both. What an afternoon! So I turned & headed back to the house. Got the OK to head back up stairs to fix me somethin’ to eat. Tonight was a serve yourself type of supper. I rummaged thru the Freezer, out in the garage, & drug me out some left over Homemade Chili from a couple of weekends ago. Now relaxin’, full, & happy. Y’all be sure to get to bed on time tonight as tomorrow is a work day…{{{ FOR Y’ALL ! }}}. Hahahahahaha…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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