…”Key word Hopin’ “…

After a Gourmet Meal, with my Bride, of Corn Dogs & Nacho Chips, & a glass of Lemonade to wash’em down with I headed down to the Pier and enjoyed some swing time. The breeze was out of the East just enough to keep the Misquotes away. They don’t do too good in the wind. The temp was a cool 81 degrees. But with the breeze it really was comfortable. The Sun set for the evenin’, the dusk-til-dawn light kicked on, lights around the slough started comin’ on so I thought I’d stroll on back up to the house. My Bride is upstairs watchin’ “Dancin’ With The Stars” & I’m now in “The Cave”, with the Big Screen on & waitin’ for the VP Debate, or is that De-Bait? Oh well, I’m hopin’ to learn somethin’ tonight. Key word “Hopin’ “. Oh well, y’all enjoy your evenin’ as best you can…”Hold.em Hook”!…..BG>



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